Riding education

Riding school services at the Biofarm Riding School

In our riding school, we place great emphasis on developing a good relationship with horses and teaching them how to treat them correctly. And within the framework of our horse training, we give our riders the opportunity to learn how to properly approach, groom, saddle, bridle, attach other tools, lead the horse, and adjust the tools.

The children have the opportunity to ride small horses and ponies of the right size for them, so learning can become even safer and more enjoyable for them, and close friendships can develop between them and the little pets.

In order for our horses to be as reliable as possible in all areas, and so that students can have good experiences during riding lessons, we provide them with continuous training with the help of our qualified instructors.

For more information: 06-20-805-3838 (Erika Soméus) on HU language.


Running-stem riding education

Complete learning of the basics of riding for beginner children and adult riders (e.g. correct sitting, balance, influences-assistance, lifts, half-lifts in all three gaits, etc.), for children on miniature horses, ponies, for advanced riders, seat correction for even more precise assistance and the development of a horse feeling ; for toddlers, preschoolers, and elementary school children, running on a pony, going for a walk, playing horseback riding, gymnastics, skill tasks (e.g. playing ball on horseback).

Class riding

Independent riding after running-stem riding education. During which there is an opportunity to learn harmony with the horse, balance and horsemanship. For children - also on small horses and ponies.

Individual education

Individual education (1 person at a time) education, individual training program, even for those who prefer sole education, for those who require lessons emphasizing horse control, or training at a higher level (more complex assistance, more difficult tasks), younger children can ride on a small horse or pony, and the more advanced ones can even ride on a cavaletti or in a boarding school, they can also practice on smaller jumps. 

Cross-country riding

Cross-country riding in the picturesque Vál Valley. Walking riding or riding in all three gaits on demand. Children can also enjoy riding out into nature on our off-road, calm and reliable small horses.